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St Andrew's Junior School  Hatfield Peverel

St Andrew's Junior School Hatfield Peverel


Our mission statement is

"to achieve high standards of learning and to establish a feeling of well-being, enjoyment and responsibility in a caring school community, reflecting our Christian values." 

This is summed up in the strap-line

"Compassionate, Achievement, Respect, Enjoyment"

which was chosen by children at the school.

All that we aim to achieve in school is rooted in our seven Christian values (seen below) which are actively promoted amongst children, staff and governors.  The school has an established record of above and well-above average achievement and progress when compared to local and national data.

Our Aims Are:

  • To provide a safe, friendly, supportive and inclusive environment for all children, staff and parents.
  •  To encourage all pupils to enjoy and achieve in their learning, reaching their full potential through a stimulating and challenging curriculum which meets the needs of all learners and celebrates their gifts, talents and success.
  • To encourage pupils to explore spiritual and moral values, including British values, promoting trust, tolerance, respect and empathy with the feelings, views and beliefs of others.
  • To strengthen pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem, encouraging them to become more independent and self-disciplined, understanding that they are responsible for their own behaviour and conduct.
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers through effective communication, informing them of the progress of their child, providing appropriate advice and support and inviting them to meetings, events and activities.
  • To promote an awareness of a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to achieve a sense of well-being, recognising their responsibilities as citizens and nurturing a desire for lifelong learning.
  • To develop the role of the school in the community and raise awareness of issues which affect the local, national and global environment, promoting a sense of understanding and responsibility.

The view of a pupil in Year 5

  •  You make lots of friends
  • The teachers listen to you when something is going on
  •  You learn to like different people
  •  I feel safe
  •  It gives you a head start