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St Andrew's Junior School  Hatfield Peverel

St Andrew's Junior School Hatfield Peverel

Meet Our Staff

Senior Leadership

Headteacher   Mrs. R. Black
Deputy Head             Mrs. A. Dutaut

Teaching Staff  

Year 3

Mrs. S. Arnold (MFL lead)

Mrs. C. Larrad (Play leader)

Mrs. S. O'Connor (English lead and Senior Leadership Team)

Mrs. C. Pettifer (Maths lead and Senior Leadership Team)

Year 4

Miss. A. Delf (History lead)

Mrs. K. Maginn (RE lead)

Miss. C.Bonich (DT lead)

Year 5

Mrs. S. Briggs (Geography lead)

Mrs. S. Spilling (Science and PE lead)

Mrs. C. Larrad (Play leader)

Year 6 

Miss. O. Coughlan (Music lead)

Mrs. A. Smith (Curriculum lead and Senior Leadership Team)

PPA and Supply Cover 

Mr. C. James

Miss. L. Whitwell 

Mrs. H. Waring (Computing lead)


Mrs. A. Dutaut (Deputy Head, PSHE and Art lead)

Teaching Assistants   

Mrs. A. Baker  Mrs. G. Cyriac 
Mrs. T Davies Mrs. C. Abbot 
Mrs. M. Gardiner  Mrs. W. Gray
Mrs. P. Prince Mrs. L. Walton (French teacher)
Mrs. A. Brown Miss. S. Atkins
Mrs. C. Birkes Mrs. D. Pilcher
Miss. H. Tracey Miss. K. Staley
Mrs. S. Goody Miss. S. Blatch
Miss. B. Butcher

Miss. Z. Defoe

Miss. D. Marshall  


Midday Assistants 

Mrs. A. Wilkinson
Miss. F. Tuttlebury

Office, Premises and Catering Staff

School Business Manager Miss. S. Smith
Administration    Mrs. N. Boyce
Administration  Mrs. S. Banyard
Premises Mr. J. Pheifer
Catering Manager Mrs. S. Robinson
Catering Assistants

Mrs. K. Free

Mrs. A. Kett

Mrs. A. Wilkinson

Mrs. J. Hollidge

Miss. J. Adams

Sunshine Clubs:

Mrs. N. Hill (Sunrise Lead)

Mrs. J. Davies (Sunrise Assistant and Sunset Lead)

Mrs. R. Ehm (Sunset Assistant)

Mrs. D. Pilcher (Sunset Assistant)